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Conference Themes

Media for All 11 aims to explore the collective wisdom that helps break the linguistic and cultural barriers in platform society and welcomes proposals for individual papers, thematic panels, and roundtable discussions that address, but are not restricted to, the following areas:


1. Collaboration and Participation in Platform Economies

  • Users, creators and translators of transmedia productions across platforms, languages and cultures (e.g., films, TV series, games, digital comics).

  • The convergence of professional and non-professional AVT practices on streaming platforms.

  • The emergence of participatory translation forms such as fansubs, fandubs, remix, and damu (also known as “danmaku subtitling”).

  • Users, fans, and alternative globalisation models.


2. AVT and Distribution

  • Collaboration and competition between global streaming platforms and local networks.

  • The role of English as a pivot language in media localisation and accessibility.

  • Translation of and between less dominant languages.

  • The translation and reception of non-English content on global streaming platforms.

  • Dubbing, voice-over and subtitling in digital platforms.

  • Multiformatting and alternative media.


3. Media Literacy and Media Accessibility (MA)

  • Access services in digital platforms.

  • Asian/Chinese perspectives of accessibility.

  • MA pedagogies.

  • Screen media for the inclusive construction of public spaces.

  • Accessible platformisation: diversity and user-engagement.

  • Immersive media and accessibility.


4. Technologies and Media Localisation

  • Audience research.

  • Automation and Generative AI for creators and translators.

  • Global and regional AI ethics and industrial protocols.

  • Platform and data policies for AVT and MA.

  • Legislation and standards.

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